Who we are

Our goal is to help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.     

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to connecting with you soon. We can discuss rates, flights and integrated solutions at your convenience.

Daryl Milliner Media dba Entertainment Communications, LLC & Partners. We provide effective marketing solutions for organizations of all sizes, from start up to Fortune 500 firms, including for both profit and non-profit missions.

Our approach is truly collaborative as we strive to gain a thorough understanding of our client’s needs in relation to their mission, vision, strategic marketing plans, the current marketplace, and campaign goals; We then jointly develop & craft effective marketing solutions that drive revenue and manage brand image.

We offer a full range of marketing, website design / development, & digital consulting solutions that include but are not limited to:    

  • Marketing / Media / Digital Footprint Audit – a comprehensive and objective review of current initiatives that will provides a solid foundation on which to build future efforts
  • Out of Home Media Placement – presents your message where your target audience is: on the road, at the theatre, on the bus, on their mobile devices, at a sporting event or everywhere the consumer is active
  • Website Design – complete website and e-commerce design / solutions and launch services
  • Social Media – integrate social media communications with your existing marketing communications plan to fully leverage your message(s) to all audience segments
  • Community Outreach Initiatives – grass roots and community outreach marketing as a stand- alone service or as part of a larger marketing and communications strategy: this include fund development and board governance
  • Internet Advertising Placement – advertising on the most micro-targeted of levels, connecting brands with consumers on the web & off line; with effective, easy to act upon calls to action 
  • Social Media Promotions – Convert followers to fans while implementing sharable promotions


  • Airplane Fly Ads, Guerilla Marketing, Street Teams, Intercept Campaigns, Mobile / Truck Ads, Flip Signage and Other Out Of Home Media Solutions
  • Wi-Fi Advertising- Promoting your business at 200 + events at Convention Centers & Sports Complexes and other Intercept offerings.